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Middlesex University, London


A selection of clients and partners for current and successfully completed projects.



Architects Accredited in Building Conservation  review of standards and accreditation

Architects’ Registration Board  review of criteria and procedures for courses in architecture

die Berater [AT]  evaluation of European Workplace Tutor project, Erasmus+ project ComProCom (Communicating Professional Competence)

Bristol City Council, SW Provincial Councils   qualifications for existing and prospective councillors

Bristol University  standards for enterprise trainers

Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB) [DE]    England expert for comparative study of higher vocational education

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development    critical friend’ for review of standards and qualifications

Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity  adviser for establishment of a register of coaches

Communications, Advertising and Marketing Foundation   review of qualification suite

Confederatie Bouw (BE)  Erasmus+ project Digi4VET

Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment   referencing between UK and European qualifications frameworks

Creative and Cultural Skills    qualifications development

Department for Education and Employment   review of systems of qualification levels, foundation work to support setting up Ufi-Learndirect

Department for Work and Pensions  LDV project TRAVORS2

VšĮ Edukaciniai projektai [LT]  LDV project TRAVORS2

European Training Foundation   workshop to support development of the Croatian Qualification Framework

Family Mediation Council   review and revision of qualifying and self-regulation framework, establishment of Standards Board

Hellenic Agency for Local Government and Local Government (EETAA) [EL]  Erasmus+ project ComProCom (Communicating Professional Competence)

SBG-Dresden [DE]  Erasmus+ projects ComProCom (Communicating Professional Competence) and Digi4VET

Heritage Lottery Fund  mentor for Skills for the Future project applicants

Historic Scotland   professional qualifications and CPD briefing

Institute of Conservation     development, introduction and evaluation of a professional qualifying and CPD system

Institute for Learning   development and trialling of CPD monitoring and professional accreditation systems

Institute for Leadership and Management   development of a leadership qualification

Instytut Technologii Eksploatacji (ITeE-PIB) [PL]  Erasmus+ project ComProCom (Communicating Professional Competence)

Irish Institute of Training and Development [IR]   Erasmus+ project ComProCom (Communicating Professional Competence)

Israeli Society for Conservation [IL]   conference and workshops to support the introduction of a qualifying process

JISC   use and applications of adult e-learning portfolios

The Landscape Institute   professional standards development

Lantra SSC   review of sector qualifications and progression routes, workforce studies

Learning & Skills Development Agency   review of Entry to Employment, study of efficiency factors for A-level providers

MasterCard   assessment specifications for an international university-accredited diploma

Merosystem SRO [CZ]  LDV project TRAVORS2

Middlesex University   associate for review of degree apprenticeships, curriculum development and research for work-based learning at undergraduate to doctoral level, review of learning agreements and contracts

National Qualifications Authority of Ireland [IR]   advice on professional qualifications

National Rural Education and Training Strategy group  report on business advice and training in rural areas

The National Trust   review of the Careership programme, qualification development

NHS University   review of UK tutor and trainer qualifications

Oxford University, The National Archives, British Library   occupational research and standards development

Professional Associations Research Network   research into professional accreditation and qualifying routes

Qualifications & Curriculum Authority   qualifications framework research and development

Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education   literature review of work-integrated degrees

Rehabilitation Network Ltd  LDV project TRAVORS2

SCPServ [CY]  Erasmus+ project Digi4VET

Selçuk University [TR]  LDV project TRAVORS2

Solicitors Regulation Authority  professional competence framework

South Devon & Dartmoor LEADER   research into roles and development needs of women in farming

University College London   specfications for a postgraduate internship

Ufi-Learndirect   design principles for university level work-based learning, design of on-line learner support systems

University of the West of England   module development for a master’s degree

Univerzitetni rehabilitacijski inštitut Soča [SI]  LDV project TRAVORS2

Vocational Rehabilitation Association   review of professional standards, case management competency framework

Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants   expert associate for the CERTIMENTU (certification of mentors and tutors) project 

Welsh Assembly Government  study of implications of introducing compulsory professional qualifications for further education teachers

Zone College/Groene Welle [NL]  Erasmus+ project Digi4VET