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Digital learning and new technology


I have been involved in several projects concerned with using digital technology in learning and work, from the Ufi-Learndirect work-based learning digital platform at the beginning of the 2000s through to more recent pieces of work around virtual and augmented reality, online pedagogy and Universal Design.  Digital learning is not just online learning, and technology is increasingly finding a role in face-to-face learning situations and in the workplace.



IDEAL (Improving Digital Education for All Learners) was an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project (2021-23).  It was set up in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic to improve digital teaching and learning in higher and vocational education after the initial ‘panic-gogy’ of transferring lectures and materials online.  A particular focus was on accessibility and universal design, hence ‘all learners’. 

Article ‘Learning from digital adaptations to the pandemic: enhancing work-based higher education’ (HESWBL 2022)

Presentation on digital accessibility and inclusion

The IDEAL Digital Education Competence Framework

The IDEAL Digital Pedagogy Toolkit (11 Mb).

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Digi4VET was a project (2018-21) led by Jens Hofmann at SBG-Dresden to trial the use of various aspects of digital technology (augmented reality, virtual reality and 3-D printing) in vocational education and training. 

Article ‘Some pedagogical observations on using augmented reality in a vocational practicum’ (BJET 2020). 

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More on digital technology and learning

Article ‘Can mobile learning work when work-based learners prefer laptops?’ (2023)

► Summary paper ‘Reconsidering negotiated work-based learning in the digital age’ (2022)

Article ‘New technology and professional work’ (Professions & Professionalism 2020).

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