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Welcome 30th anniversary 2023


Stan Lester Developments is a sole-proprietor consultancy founded in 1993 and based in the south-west of England.

My main areas of work are:

  supporting the development of emerging professions and communities of practice

  professional standards, qualifying and development processes

  professional and work-based education and training systems

  research into digital learning.

After 30 years in practice I have changed the way that I work to provide more time for my outside interests while still contributing to the field. I provide expert advice, reviews and commentaries, develop frameworks and resources, carry out small research studies and write reports, but I no longer take part in large implementation projects, manage associates or travel to more than the occasional meeting or event.


Some recent publications are below, or use the menu to explore further.

► Article: New technology and professional work

► Article: Entry-routes in architecture

► Report: Degree apprenticeships

► IDEAL Digital education competence framework


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