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Central Exmoor: north of Winsford


This page covers the area between Exford and Winsford north to Porlock and Dunster, including Dunkery Beacon and the area around Wheddon Cross.  This is an area of high hills and deep wooded combes, including the extensive woods of the Holnicote estate around Horner.  Wheddon Cross marks a double crossing-point, the watershed between the north-flowing River Avill and the southgoing Quarme, as well as the boundary between high Exmoor to the west and the Brendon Hills to the east.  Walking is varied, and routes can be relatively easy or as strenuous you want to make them.

Click the walk name to download the route.  Read the walk safety information, and click for a key to the symbols used on the sketch maps in the instructions. 

47 Dunster to Porlock via Luccombe and Horner  ♦♦♦ 9 mile linear, bus connection

48 Horner, the Dunster Path and Luccombe  ♦♦ 6.5 mile circular

49 Horner, Stoke Pero and Dunkery Beacon  ♦♦ 8.2 mile circular

50 Exford to Dunster via Dunkery Beacon  ♦♦♦ 11.5 mile linear, bus connection

51 Exford to Winsford via the River Exe   5.5 mile linear, bus connection or return using walk 52

52 Winsford to Exford via Bye Hill and Room Hill  ♦♦ 5.4 mile linear, bus connection or return using walk 51

53 Around Wheddon Cross  ♦♦ 7.2 mile circular

54 Wheddon Cross and Dunkery Beacon  ♦♦♦ 10.6 mile circular

55 Wheddon Cross to Porlock  ♦♦ 8 mile linear, bus connection

56 Wheddon Cross to Dunster via Clicket  ♦♦♦ 9.6 mile linear, bus connection

57 Wheddon Cross to Dulverton  ♦♦♦ 10.5 mile linear, bus connection

58 Exford to Dulverton via Withypool and Hawkridge  ♦♦♦ 13 mile linear, bus connection

The Herepath - some information about the Exmoor Herepath (Saxon military road) and two suggested walking routes.

There are some long-term path closures and diversions in the Horner Woods and Selworthy area, where the National Trust is managing trees affected by ash dieback.  Please check the NT ash dieback web page for details.

More walks from Exford in ‘Western Exmoor’, from Winsford in ‘Central Exmoor-South’, and from Wheddon Cross in ‘the Brendons to the coast’.

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