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Central Exmoor: south of Winsford


This page covers the inland area south from Exford and Winsford, down to Dulverton, Anstey Moor and Molland.  The area is dominated by the rivers Barle and Exe and to a lesser extent Dane’s Brook, all of which converge within a short distance of Dulverton, Exmoor’s historic ‘capital’ and an ideal walking base.  The landscape is a mix of open moorland and high grazing land broken by the deep, often wooded river valleys.  The most popular walking area is the triangle between Dulverton, Winsford and Exford, but the lesser-visited areas around Molland and the Ansteys are no less interesting.  A few walks in this area cross open moorland without clear paths. 

Click the walk name to download the route.  Read the walk safety information, and click for a key to the symbols used on the sketch maps in the instructions. 

57 Wheddon Cross to Dulverton via Winsford  ♦♦♦ 10.5 mile linear, bus connection

58 Exford to Dulverton via Withypool and Hawkridge  ♦♦♦ 13 mile linear, bus connection

59 Withypool and Tarr Steps  ♦♦ 7.3 mile circular

60 Winsford and around Winsford Hill  ♦♦ 8 mile circular

61 Winsford, Tarr Steps and the Punchbowl  ♦♦♦ 9.2 mile circular, short stretch of open moorland

62 Dulverton and Winsford  ♦♦♦ 12.4 mile circular

63 Dulverton and Tarr Steps  ♦♦♦ 10.7 mile circular

64 Dulverton, Hawkridge and the River Barle  ♦♦♦ 10.7 mile circular

65 Molland and Twitchen  ♦♦ 7.7 mile circular, short stretch of open moorland

66 Molland and Anstey Common  ♦♦♦ 8.5 mile circular, short stretch of open moorland

67 Dulverton, East and West Anstey  ♦♦♦ 10.8 mile circular

68 Dulverton, Brushford and Chilcott  ♦♦ 8.3 mile circular

69 Dulverton and Bury  ♦♦♦ 9 mile circular

70 Dulverton to Bampton  ♦♦ 6 mile linear, bus connection

More walks from Withypool in ‘Western Exmoor’, and from Winsford in ‘Central Exmoor-North’.

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