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Western Exmoor


This page covers the area to the west of Exford, including the high moorland around Simonsbath and the western fringes of inland Exmoor.  The region includes archetypal Exmoor landscapes of rounded hills, open moorland and hill-streams gathering their strength.  As well as classic moorland walks from places such as Malmsmead, Simonsbath and Exford it includes some lesser-visited areas on the fringes of the moor.  Walks are not generally as strenuous as might be imagined – the area is all fairly high-up – but some routes include open moorland without well-defined paths, and the going can be hard particularly when the ground is waterlogged. 

Click the walk name to download the route.  Read the walk safety information, and click for a key to the symbols used on the sketch maps in the instructions. 

29 Malmsmead and Badgworthy  ♦♦ 6.1 or 4.8 mile circular, moorland

30 Malmsmead, Great Tom’s Hill and Oare  ♦♦ 7.8 mile circular, moorland

31 Brendon Common  ♦♦ 6 or 4.1 mile circular, moorland

32 Around Parracombe  ♦♦ 5.1 mile circular

33 Wistlandpound Reservoir and Bratton Fleming  ♦♦ 8 mile circular

34 Whitefield Down  ♦♦ 5.8 mile circular

35 Brayford and Hole Water  ♦♦ 5.6 or 4.3 mile circular

36 Challacombe and the Long Stone  ♦♦♦ 8.2 mile circular, moorland

37 Pinkery Pond and Moles Chamber  ♦♦ 5.9 mile circular, moorland

38 Simonsbath, Pinkery Pond and Cornham Ford  ♦♦♦/♦♦♦♦ 10, 6.7 or 4.2 mile circular, moorland

39 The upper Exe valley, Larkbarrow and Lanacombe  ♦♦♦ 11 mile circular, moorland

40 Simonsbath to Lynmouth  ♦♦♦ 9.8 mile linear, arrange connecting transport

41 Simonsbath and Cow Castle  ♦♦ 6.8 or 7.8 mile circular

42 Simonsbath to Exford via Cow Castle and Withypool  ♦♦♦ 9.3 mile linear, arrange transport or return on walk 43

43 Exford to Simonsbath via Larkbarrow  ♦♦♦ 11.5 mile linear, moorland, arrange transport or return on walk 42

44 Exford and Withypool  ♦♦ 8 mile circular

45 Withypool, Landacre Bridge and Porchester’s Post  ♦♦♦ 8.2 mile circular, moorland

46 Landacre Bridge, Sherdon Water and Cow Castle  ♦♦♦ 9.3 mile circular

More walks from Exford in ‘Central Exmoor: north’, and from Withypool in ‘Central Exmoor: south’.

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